The American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) joins the Citizens Alliance on Prisons and Public Spending CAPPS in calling members of the community at large to help pursue our elected members of the State of Michigan House of Representatives to vote for  HB 4138 “presumptive parole” bill expected as early as tomorrow.  Please see CAPPS Action Alert below for more information.CAPPS Action Alert:URGENT: PLEASE TAKE THESE 4 ACTIONS TODAY!

1-Call your own State Representative as soon as possible. Identify yourself as a constituent.

2- Ask him/her to vote for HB 4138 (H-4), the “presumptive parole” bill, and to oppose any amendments that would reduce its scope.

3- Give your name, address, number and email to the staff person who takes the call.

4- Please also follow up with an email (see below) to your legislator and copy CAPPS at  to let us know who has been contacted.

 Act  Now:

Enter your address online to find your State Representative’s info by clicking this link or pasting in your browser.  For more info, contact or go to

Major points why HB4138 is important:
HB 4138 would reduce the prison population by about 3,200 people and save taxpayers roughly $75 million a year without affecting public safety.

HB 4138 does NOT create new parole standards. It would implement existing standards that have not been enforced.

HB 4138 would make the presumption of release after serving the minimum explicit for people with high parole guidelines scores and would carefully define what circumstances constitute “substantial and compelling” reasons for departure.

The focus of HB 4138 is actually on protecting public safety, not extending punishment for its own sake.

HB 4138 would NOT: Require the board to release anyone where there was verified evidence that they pose a current risk.

HB 4138 would increase transparency and certainty for victims, prisoners and policymakers. Michigan’s “truth in sentencing” statute requires people to serve every day of the minimum, without reductions for good behavior.  The bill would then ensure release when the minimum has been served, barring good cause for parole denial.

HB 4138 is the product of extensive negotiations among a diverse group of stakeholders and has bipartisan support.

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