The American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) welcomes the Michigan House of Representatives passing HB 4138 with 67-39 vote. The support of the concerned citizens and the advocate groups especially the leadership of CAAPS made the difference. The bill passed with a bipartisan and majority vote paving the way towards better corrections policies and procedures in which will help shape the prison system in more effective and efficient way. The passage of this bill will save Michigan millions of dollars without compromising the public safety. AHRC commends the House Representatives who voted in favor of this overdue reform. Find out how your state representative voted by clicking here: House 4138 vote 10-1-15.
The presumptive parole bill now moves to the Senate for action. Please call and email your state senator as soon as possible. You can find your state senator and his or her contact information by clicking here.
For more information please visit :
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Michigan House approves bill to parole inmates after minimum sentence

and CBS: Bill Would Require Michigan Inmates Be Paroled After Minimum Sentence

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House approves bill to parole inmates after minimum sentence (AP)

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