AHRC renews its call for TPS for Yemen and calls for a review of the cases of Yemenis held by immigration pending removal to Yemen:

 The American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) continues to express its serious concern regarding the impact of the ongoing conflict in Yemen on all Yemenis, especially those who are detained in the US pending deportation to Yemen.

AHRC renews its call to DHS to grant the nationals of Yemen Temporary Protected Status (TPS) as such relief is deserved given the dire circumstances in Yemen. AHRC asks that the immigration enforcement agencies, especially Immigration and Customs Enforcement ( ICE), revisit Yemeni nationals’ cases and consider their release, given that removal is not going to be effected in the foreseeable future. The Yemeni nationals who are not a flight risk nor pause any safety concern should be released until removal could be effected. It is unfair for these detainees to hold them pending removal when removal will not be effected in the near future.

“Detention pending removal means removal is near in time. We all know that the situation in Yemen does not allow the removal of detained Yemeni nationals. We urge ERO- ICE to review its Yemeni citizen removal files in the light of this reality,” said Imad Hamad, AHRC Executive Director.

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