All the rights that we have we cannot enjoy them if we are seriously ill. Are you thinking of anything but your very survival if you are connected to ventilator to breathe? The most important right we have is the right to life, a healthy life. A mask can slow the spread of Covid-19. We owe it to each other to wear a mask. All other rights are secondary.

Covid-19 is the most serious challenge facing the state, the nation and the world. It has claimed countless precious lives. It seems we are very close to having a vaccine that works, but think of distribution. Until we have the vaccine distributed widely, we have to mask up. It is our health, perhaps life, as well as the health and perhaps lives of others on the line.

Regardless of the different views, analysis, theories and beliefs regarding Covid-19 origin, no one can deny its dangerous ramifications on our health as people. It’s a reality that no one can deny. The surge that our state of Michigan as well as the rest of the nation and the world are experiencing should have us focusing on solutions and not on philosophizing. The numbers are sky high and are increasing hour by hour and day by day. Anyone can be infected and no one can be immune. The risk is not theoretical. We are not discussing a hypothetical situation in a seminar room. It is a real crisis that requires immediate attention. Our governor is not being difficult. Our governor is trying to save lives.

We all are eager to go back to normal. Covid fatigue is real. The holidays are coming up. What is Thanksgiving or Christmas without lowering your guard and enjoying carefree time with friends and family? It is a luxury we can’t afford. Pretending the virus does not exist does not make it go away. I wish it were the case. But this self-delusion is deadly. It is imperative to minimize gatherings to the household level. We will have a vaccine and we can go back to normal when it is safe to be normal.

Following the health precautions and the provided health directives of wearing the mask and practicing social distancing continue to be important to limit the spread and continue to provide basic protection against the virus. We are still living a public health crisis. Combating the Covid-19 impact is not a government responsibility alone. We are not spectators in this crisis. We are active agents in ensuring public health.
Time is due for all of us to act responsibly and simply wear a mask, limit our movement, avoid gatherings and practice social distancing. Basic steps could lead to big results such in containing the spread of the virus and more importantly saving lives including our own loved-ones lives.

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