Letter: Curb social media addiction
The Detroit News Published 2:32 p.m. ET Oct. 4, 2019

Social media has become common among people of all ages. For some, it has even displaced personal interaction.
It’s addictive because it shows us more of what we like. But what about real life interaction with friends and family? How many times have you seen a gathering of friends or family with each glued to their smart phones?

Technology can be used to benefit society, but it can also be abused. While it is good to stay connected with others, it’s most important to pay attention to those standing right in front of us. Virtual is virtual. It’s never real. The best interaction is personal interaction.

One of my friends took his children’s smart phones in response to their acting up. He said they nagged so much that in effect it was a punishment for him not them.
More and more, we tie our self-esteem to social media likes. We must protect our children from this.

What is needed is awareness, education and responsible use of technology by adults, who model good behavior to their children.

As they say in chemistry, there is nothing called poison. It is all in the dose. Social media is not an evil. Facebook has connected us with friends all over the world. The small smart phone has brought the world to us. Instagram has shown us places and people we would not have seen before. But how many have died trying to take the perfect Instagram picture?

As to other people, social media can aid in spread of damaging rumors. People are quick to condemn perfect strangers without knowing the facts. Our K 1-12 education should be modified to add to life skills social media skills and etiquette.

Social media was invented with good intentions. We get a free account but the owners of these media are making billions in ad money. We are the product and in reality the account is not free.
Social media is not only a technology issue. It is a moral, ethical and legal issue.
Imad Hamad, executive director- American Human Rights Council

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