Happy & Blessed New Year to all:Happy & Blessed New Year to all:
Dear Friends and Supporters of AHRC:

As we bid farewell to the year 2016 and get ready to welcome the year 2017, we are reminded of the many challenges that we faced in 2016 and will be struggling with in 2017.

One of the hard realities of the year 2016 is that a culture of respect and belief in human rights is not a lived reality for everyone. Social media has amplified the message of those who want to spread the culture of terror, hate, extremism and division. In the year 2016 the world experienced frequent heinous terrorist attacks and hate-crimes, mass violations of rights of peoples and communities, that shocked the conscience of our nation as well as that of the world. In addition, the world witnessed massive flows of refugees and displaced people risking life and limb to live in safety away from killing, bombing, oppression and starvation. During these challenging times, people of good will, of all backgrounds, people like you, tirelessly worked, in different capacities and myriads of ways, to make a difference with their generosity to help fellow human beings.

Forces of hate and destruction use terror and hate as a wedge issue trying to divide our societies. In 2016 we were a voice among many that spoke for human rights, reason and unity. We will continue in 2017 to speak against terror, hate, division and advocate for unity centered on human dignity and human respect.

We invite you to welcome the New Year with a pledge to continue to make a difference. The premise of human rights is that every person counts and every person is valuable and we all can make a difference. In 2017, we pledge to continue to tirelessly work to promote human rights in the US and abroad. We will continue our advocacy and outreach work in order to help counter the culture of hate with a culture that respects the human rights of every human being regardless of their background- in the US and abroad. We will continue to be able to do our work because of the generosity and support of our friends, volunteers and donors- people like you.

The AHRC family, board and office, extend their sincere appreciation to all of our members, friends, supporters and partners wishing all happy holidays and a blessed new year. We hope and pray that the year 2017 will mark the end of many if not all the tragedies in the world and we all celebrate a year of human rights advancement.

May you and your loved ones be blessed with peace.

Dr. Opada Alzohaili, AHRC Board’s President

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