[Michigan, December 29]: The year 2020 was a truly exceptional year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic created a new reality and new work protocol. AHRC did its work while in full compliance with government health directives and mandates.

1- AHRC Pubic Service:
AHRC maintained its vital services to those who needed its services the most. AHRC served hundreds of community members by providing counseling, guidance, resources and direct assistance with private and public entities. AHRC continued its case assessment, evaluations of complaints. AHRC was instrumental in achieving resolutions.

2- AHRC and the 2020 Census:
AHRC was a formal community partner with the Census 2020 campaign. AHRC educated the public, especially minorities, about the importance of participating in the Census. AHRC sustained active ongoing communication with community partners and Census officials developing and executing plans to help increase the response rate. AHRC actively communicated with elected and other officials to help address people’s concerns about participation. AHRC, as a trusted community voice, helped build trust in the process, increasing participation.

3- AHRC Prison Inmate advocacy:
As to Covid-19 and prisons, realizing the threat of the pandemic, AHRC advocated for measures to keep the prison population safe. AHRC was a strong advocate calling on both state authorities and federal agencies to grant temporary relief for inmates and detainees, especially the elderly and those with health problems, who posed no safety or security concerns, AHRC dealt with a large number of families and inmates requesting help. AHRC sustained active communication with authorities that can provide relief.

AHRC hosted a ZOOM conference discussion with the MDOC director and staff that included a diverse group of participants: lawyers, community leaders, judges, physicians, educators, and clergy. AHRC continued its Prisoner & family gift program.

4- AHRC Public Engagement:
AHRC is a strong believer in community-law enforcement dialogue and engagement and for years has worked toward that end. The murder of George Floyd and other cases of excessive use of force created a need to increase this engagement. In response to the national crisis, AHRC organized a meeting and a press conference event and four ZOOM conference discussions that included chiefs of police of different police departments that included Dearborn, Detroit and Southfield police departments. Participants included judges, lawyers, educators, physicians, clergy, community leaders and police reform advocates. The focus was on police use of force and the relations between the police and the communities they serve.

5- AHRC Hosted Community Engagement Session with the FBI:
AHRC organized and facilitated a special ZOOM conference discussion with the local FBI Detroit Filed office and their community relations division. The focus of the session was educational and informative regarding the FBI and its role in investigating police misconduct. The discussion included a diverse group of participants that included judges, lawyers, activists, community leaders, educators, physicians and clergy.

6- AHRC and the Covid-19 Crisis (March 2020- to- Present):
AHRC members volunteered their services and actively participated with several area organizations in organizing food pantry and PPE items distributions within the cities of Dearborn, Detroit and Warren. AHRC members volunteered delivering aid to those unable to visit food pantries, the disabled and those lacking transportation. This effort began late March and is ongoing.

In addition, AHRC launched a series of public advisories educating the public about Covid-19 and urging compliance with public health directives. As one of the most trusted community voices, AHRC educational and awareness communications were widely read and shared.

7- AHRC Advocacy, Educational and Awareness campaigns:
One of the key tools of engagement and outreach is the AHRC News & Views. AHRC published its E-Cast on average 2-4 times per week. Our communication reached thousands of subscribers and was widely posted and distributed via social media outlets. AHRC News & Views is considered an important guide and resource to the public at large.

In addition, AHRC published opinion pieces in the Detroit News, Press & Guide, MILive, Nigerian Voice, Times Herald, WXYZ TV, WDIV TV, WWJ Radio, US Arab Radio (WNZK), Americana Radio & Magazine (CINA-FM), What’s Up Media Network, Dearborn.org, South Asian Pulse (www.sapulse.com), YA Michigan, Michigan Radio, Al Huraa TV, Press TV, French24 TV, Oakland Press, 910AM Radio and the Arab Daily News. AHRC joined several virtual forums of discussions as well as open discussions hosted by multiple social media outlets.

8- AHRC and the 2020 Elections:
AHRC launched a public campaign encouraging people to register to vote and to turn out to vote both in the primary and the general elections. AHRC volunteers helped educate the voters and monitored the elections to make sure voters voted with no fear of intimidation.

9- AHRC Annual Gala- December 4:
AHRC held its annual “Spirit of Humanity” Gala virtually on Dec 4, 2020. It was an occasion to highlight AHRC’s work during the exceptional year of 2020. AHRC Gala was well attended and thousands of viewers watched it.

** The American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) is a prominent human rights advocacy and service organization that is dedicated to promoting, defending, protecting and advancing human rights and the culture of human dignity and human respect at home and abroad beyond race, faith, gender, origin and nationality. AHRC is an NGO in Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations.

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