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Reflection is a less used word that can be seen in many categories and is seldom spoken in reference. For example, to lose weight, one must reflect on eating habits; to change behaviors one must reflect on experiences and to appreciate today’s youth one must reflect on the past. For me to bundle the word reflection it ultimately means growth.

Through the years of being an American Human Rights Council board member I can reflect on its beginning stages from finding a name to represent its mission, having many meetings with leaders in various communities to holding its annual Gala’s. All these things are representative to building networks to carry out the work of assisting in human rights issues that are so constitutionally worthy to the people whom rights are violated or facing violation.

Minorities are the biggest group of people that lose their voice in the mainstay of human and civil rights. This makes me reflect on the beginning days of the American Human Rights Council when there was less to no money to uphold what the missions’ goal sought. It has been quite amazing to see the dedication especially this year with so many challenges. We have all been challenged during the year of 2020. Although the work of protecting human rights is an ongoing mission. Something that cannot be furloughed for another day, because so many people depend on fair treatment in a world that is not kind to many.

The American Human Rights Council is having its many challenges as it were in the beginning. How we make it work is through dedication to the cause. We must all remember that there are things bigger than we are and we must be willing to sacrifice. So many depend on the work of the American Human Rights Council as we are here to humbly assist.

Let us make the reflection of this year to provide greater protection of human rights through donations that are tax deductible. So many changes are left behind when we are not involved. It does not take much to assist another human being. Small amounts can go extremely far, then make your reflection on how you reached out to assist someone that needed a fair opportunity of human rights support. Imagine if it were your life hanging on a string then any amount would be kindly heartfelt. A heartfelt reflection is the best.

This is growth of the American Human Rights Council for the year 2020 with appreciation of any amount is not too small.

Minnie Washington, AHRC Board Member

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