The American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) commends Governor C. Whitmer and state of Michigan health officials for mandating that everyone wear a face mask while indoors and outdoors in crowded places. This is critical in order to help reduce and contain the spread of Covid-19.

Unfortunately, many people rushed to free themselves from complying with the basic health precautions and resumed a normal life. The current drastic and renewed spread of the virus affects all age categories including the young and youth. This situation is entering a sensitive stage and more serious than before. We are still dealing with an unknown and invisible enemy.

We are definitely facing an unprecedented public health crisis. This is not a partisan or ideological issue. It’s not about masculinity or vanity. Wearing a face mask has nothing to do with anything except consideration of one’s health and the health of others. The threat is real. Numbers are exceeding 60,000.00 cases a day nationally. We can reduce these numbers by wearing masks and social distancing. This was proven when people adhered to heath instructions and took the pandemic seriously.

AHRC calls on all individuals in positions of authority to set an example to others by wearing a mask as required per CDC guidelines. Such basic step can be a life savior. We salute that decision of Governor Whitmer and all other States mandating wearing a mask while indoors or while outdoors in crowded places.

“We are appalled when we see individuals in positions of authority not to lead by example,” said Imad Hamad, AHRC Executive Director. “We salute all politicians who have been dealing with Covid-19 as a public health issue and not as a partisan or ideological issue,” added Hamad. “We are still dealing with the unknown & uncertain that mandates protecting ourselves and the lives of others” concluded Hamad.

Be wise. Be Responsible. Simply Wear a Mask.

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