[Michigan, October 17, 2023]:

The American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) calls for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. With the passing of every hour, Israel has been killing and injuring countless innocent people in Gaza while inflicting nightmarish destruction on Gaza. The bombardment of Al-MAMADANI hospital earlier today killed over 500 innocent including children, women, doctors, and nurses, transforming the hospital into a graveyard. This is a war crime.

The reports and the images that the world is witnessing are heartbreaking and shock the conscience in the savagery of the Israeli killing machine. The Israeli military revenge on Gaza has exceeded all bounds. Even savage beasts wouldn’t commit the crimes Israel is committing against Gaza.

This mass scale slaughter has been aided by the American unlimited support of Israel. The Biden Administration is the only power that can halt and end this Israeli genocidal war against innocent Palestinians. We call on all people of good conscience to work together to put a stop to this carnage.


Israeli killings of more than 800 civilians in destruction of hospital and six mosques in Gaza denounced world wide – The Arab Daily News

Israeli killings of more than 800 civilians in destruction of hospital and six mosques in Gaza denounced world wide


Al-MAMADANI Hospital in Gaza:

Baptist hospital in Gaza, it belongs to the southern Baptist mission of the U.S.A. It is owned, and managed by the a Americans of the southern Baptist mission of the U.S.A, I had all my nursing, and training, and degree in nursing from the Baptist school of allied health and sciences college owned, and  supervised by the southern Baptist mission of the U.S.A in 1983, this institution helped in tremendous ,great  medical services, training, and services worldwide since 1911, it’s one of the best medical institution world wide

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