[Michigan, January 7, 2015]: There is never a time when we will require the absence of water. Water is a major lifeline of one’s survival. It is a human right. From life’s conception to its end water is the one element that binds all things together.

“When I am thirsty I hope someone has the decency to give me a drink of water. This is how it all begins and should end is with respect, caring and love for your neighbor’ said Minnie Washington, AHRC Executive Board Member &  AHRC Student Internship Program.

“Depriving people of the water service is a blatant human rights violation” said, imad Hamad AHRC Executive Director.

The Muslim Michigan Community Council noted in their website (http://www.mimuslimcouncil.com) that the Muslim community of Michigan is making a contribution to support Detroit residents who are facing hardship from water shut offs. The Michigan Muslim Community Council (MMCC) in partnership with Islamic Relief USA (IR) – the largest Muslim charity organization in the United States – is giving $100,000 to help the people of Detroit. Over 60,000 households in Detroit have faced the risk of water shut off creating great hardship for many.

The grant will be divided evenly between the Detroit Water Fund in partnership with United Way of Southeastern Michigan and Wayne Metro Community Council, to be used in direct assistance to disadvantaged Detroit families struggling to maintain their water utilities.  MMCC and Islamic Relief USA hope that this grant will encourage others to come forward with assistance since there is still great need.

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan led an effort to provide water relief to disadvantaged families by setting up the Detroit Water Fund and a 10/30/50 plan for residents to receive help. Other major donors to this effort include Ford and GM who each donated $50,000, and the United Way which donated $100,000.  You can join this effort: DONATE today by clicking the links, or Volunteer with one of our partner organizations!

American Human Rights Council (AHRC) commends the work of major Muslim community organizations to help fellow citizens of Detroit. AHRC urge the community to keep donating for this noble cause. For donations please check this link:http://liveunitedsem.org/pages/detroitwaterfund-about

To read more visit:  http://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/local/wayne-county/2015/01/07/muslim-donations-help-pay-water-bills/21379373/

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