The American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) is very alarmed by the scale of the increased conflict, the severe bombardment and the siege of East Ghouta, Syria.

This is almost the seventh year of the Syrian civil war. Much devastation has been visited on the country and its people. As to East Ghouta, severe bombardment is causing devastating destruction of healthcare facilities, clinics and hospitals; in addition to the destruction of residential areas. The large number of casualties, mainly children, women and elderly, is due to the constant bombing that is making it impossible for rescue groups to help. Over the past few years of the Syrian conflict, the Syrian crisis has become one of the worst humanitarian crises facing the world with East Ghouta facing the most- dire situation.

AHRC condemns by the strongest terms the targeting and attacking of civilians and civilian targets such as healthcare facilities. Such acts are crimes against humanity and constitute war crimes. AHRC calls upon the international community and the Trump administration to save what is left of Syria from further destruction. AHRC calls for the immediate cessation of the targeting of civilians and for all the parties to the conflict to respect the laws of war and to allow humanitarian aid.

“We in the human rights community have been calling, since 2011, for an end to the war in Syria and for serious dialogue that brings peace,” said Imad Hamad, AHRC Executive Director. “We must save East Ghouta and all of Syria today,” added Hamad.

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