{March 13, 2020- LANSING} as more cases of the coronavirus is reported in Michigan, Michigan State Representatives Isaac Robinson (Detroit) and Jewell Jones (Inkster) are calling on the Michigan Legislature to pass an immediate moratorium on evictions, foreclosures and utility shut-offs. The legislation would place a 90-day moratorium on evictions, foreclosures and utility-shut-offs.

Leaders and advocates supporting moratorium and legislation being drafted by Robinson and Jones include: Reverend David Alexander Bullock, Change Agent Consortium, Imad Hamad, American Human Rights Council, Tonya Myers Phillips, Attorney with Sugar Law Center and Public Policy Advisor to Michigan Legal Services., Jim Schaafsma, Housing Attorney Michigan Poverty Law Program Meeko Williams, Chief Director, Hydrate Detroit and Theo Broughton, Hood Research

“As this crisis expands, we must take swift action to protect our senior citizen population and those economically impacted,” said State Rep. Isaac Robinson. “We must defend the public health of all people including our most vulnerable residents and low-income families. The working families and students in my district already slammed by excessive car insurance costs are being devastated by the impact of this Pandemic. Every event that is canceled puts the livelihood of my constituents in question. One of my residents texted me that she lives off tips. With a lay-off, she won’t be able to pay all her bills. During this economic meltdown, please join with me in calling on state Reps and Senators to move this legislation quickly.”

“At a time when resources are depleting at an incredible rate, it’s critical that we put forth safeguards to protect the people we serve. I’m proud to work with people like Representative Robinson, who hasn’t forgotten about issues that happen every day in the communities we call home, added Rep Jewell Jones.
“Businesses are closing and hours are being cut. The coronavirus pandemic is putting an economic strain on thousands of Michigan workers and their families. With decreased income, people will get behind on rent and become subject to eviction and homelessness, and our shelters are already at capacity. The system cannot accommodate a further increase in homelessness. People living on the street and in the shadows, without access to shelter or clean water, will further exacerbate the public health crisis we’re living in. A moratorium on evictions is the right thing to do and will make us all safer. “Tonya Myers Phillips, Attorney with Sugar Law Center and Public Policy Advisor to Michigan Legal Services.

“This legislation is a better deal because we want to ensure protections and solutions for long-term relief for those that are having their water shut off and or house foreclosed on. We want to ensure that all tools are in place before any other damage occurs, added community leader Meeko Williams, Chief Director, Hydrate Detroit.

“Rep. Robinson’s bill offers a sensible, sound, and humane public policy (and more specifically, public health policy) response to the most significant public health crisis Michigan has faced in generations.” added Jim Schaafsma, Housing Attorney, Michigan Poverty Law Program
The Michigan House of Representatives will return to session on Tuesday. Robinson is working with community residents and concerned advocates over the week-end to formulate additional proposals.
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Rep. Isaac Robinson
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Meeko Williams
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