AHRC: Acts of Humanity Count. Help advance our common humanity:

The city of Detroit is making a comeback, but for the revitalization of the city to really take hold, its neighborhoods need to again become places of hope. By focusing each year on renovating a high school and hundreds of blocks around it, the non-profit Life Remodeled seeks to make a sustained difference. Blight removal and neighborhood beautification is a major part of the chosen Life Remodeled project each summer. From August 3-8, you can join thousands of volunteers who will work alongside residents in the Osborn community in northeast Detroit to help make Osborn High School and the surrounding neighborhood a source of pride for residents. AHRC calls upon fellow citizens to join Life Remodeled and help advance our common humanity.  Acts of Humanity Counts.  Register to Volunteer:  www.LifeRemodeled.com

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