The American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) calls upon members of the community at large to contact members of the Michigan State Senate in Lansing  and urge them to vote in favor of HB 4138 “presumptive parole” bill. The bill passed the Michigan House of Representatives HB 4138 on October 2, 2015 with 67-39 vote,  with a bipartisan and majority vote.  The bill will help secure better corrections policies and procedures in which will help shape the prison system in more effective and efficient way.

AHRC calls upon all concerned citizens to urge your own Michigan State Senator on Tuesday, October 12 or Wednesday, October 13 to vote for HB 4138 (H-4). The  passage of this bill will save Michigan millions of dollars without compromising public safety.  Your calls and emails will make a difference. For ongoing information, please visit the CAPPS website a

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