The American human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) commends the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Detroit office for the recent operation against a ring involved in human trafficking in the metro Detroit area. This effort was part of a national plan making fighting  human trafficking a law enforcement priority. The local FBI operation was a joint effort with other law enforcement agencies, including Michigan State police, Wayne County Prosecutor office, Attorney General Bill Schuette’s office and Detroit Police Department.  According to the FBI release, this local effort was part of a national operation that has managed to save 149 victims with 153 pimps arrested. The operation concluded last weekend.

Human trafficking is a most serious human rights challenge.   The challenge is present all over the world. No country and no nation is free of such a challenge that requires strategic planning, partnerships and effective awareness, education and action combating this human tragedy.

“We commend the Obama administration for making human trafficking a law enforcement priority and we commend the US attorney’s office, the FBI and other law enforcement for this successful local operation,” said Imad Hamad, AHRC Executive Director.  “The campaign against human trafficking has not eradicated it. It is our civic and moral responsibility as American citizens and as American human rights organizations to draw attention to the serious challenge and continue to advocate on the moral imperative of continuing the efforts to end human trafficking,” continued Hamad.

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