On behalf of the American Human Rights Council (AHRC), we welcome you to the AHRC website, where you can learn more about the AHRC vision, mission, and mandate related to the cause of Human Rights.

The current AHRC journey is dedicated to promoting, protecting, and advancing the cause of human rights in America and across the globe. We invite you to visit our offices or contact us with any inquiries or complaints of human rights violations. The AHRC stands ready to address your concerns and questions. We pledge to review, assess, and act on the issues you bring forward. We will provide advocacy and other related services whenever the restoration of human rights is essential to your well-being. The AHRC will work to ensure that the rights of prisoners, and their families, are recognized and defended. Although AHRC will primarily focus on the United States, it will work in conjunction with any organizations which can help us achieve our mission of protecting human rights around the world, regardless of geographical or other boundaries.

One of our goals is to produce a website with up-to-date information on AHRC news and activities, as well as a resourceful site to access relevant documents, reports, publications, and links to other human rights organizations. It is in this spirit that we welcome you aboard and welcome your suggestions on how to advance the AHRC site as well as to join hands on behalf of the cause of human rights. We thank you for taking the time to learn more about the AHRC, and we look forward to hearing from you further.


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