The American Human Rights Council (AHRC=-USA) urges all registered voters to get out and vote on Tuesday, November 3, 2015. Election Day is the day when citizens elect candidates who deserve their vote based on important matters such as their positions on education, health, economic and social issues. As a human rights organization, we urge that the voter keep in mind the candidates’ position on human dignity and human rights of all citizens when voting.  Elected officials are public servants who are held accountable by the voters on Election day. Elections are important whether or not the year is a presidential election year.

Please be advised that Voting Polls will open at 7:00 AM and will remain open until 8:00 PM.  For any assistance regarding the location of your polling post, please visit: 

To report voting intimidation or any violation of your rights while voting or for more information on Voting Rights, please contact: The US Department of Justice – Voting Section at: 800-253-3931 or visit:   or call the Michigan Bureau of Elections at: 800-292-5973 or visit:

“Voting is key way to safeguard our rights in the political process,” said Imad Hamad, AHRC Executive Director. “Elections at all levels, local or national, are equally important” continued Hamad.

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