The problem of cybercrime is diverse, encompassing data theft, fraud, espionage, and computer compromises. All of these issues affect individuals, organizations, and government alike, with serious consequences for victims. To improve our understanding of these issues and improve the response to threats around the world, researchers and practitioners are invited to attend the Fourth Annual MSU Interdisciplinary Conference on Cybercrime to be held at the Kellogg Center on Thursday March 2nd and Friday March 3rd, 2017 (for more info, see
This two-day event drawing top academic and practitioners from information security, computer science, and the social sciences from around the world to discuss the problem of cybercrime. The event provides a venue for research presentations to discuss cybercrime and cybersecurity practices, as well as find common questions and problems that will improve the state of cybersecurity globally. Presentations will focus primarily on issues related to hacking, malware, fraud, vehicle cybersecurity, and critical infrastructure protection with a mix of technical and non-technical discussions.
This year’s conference speakers includes:
Dr. Nicole Beebe, University of Texas San Antonio
Ms. Francesca Bosco, United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute
Dr. L Jean Camp, Indiana University
Ms. Samantha Dowling, UK Home Office
Dr. Thomas J. Holt, Michigan State University
Dr. Tom Hyslip, DoD OIG
Mr. Scott McCormick, President, Connected Vehicle Trade Association
Mr. Dev Ollam, The CORE Group, TOOOL
Mr. Rob McCurdy, Michigan State University
This year’s event also qualifies for seven hours of CPE credit toward CISSP, CISA, and CISM certifications, so it is a great way to ensure professional certifications remain up to date. The cost to attend is only $40 for both days, and will lead to a great day of discussion, research, and networking.
For more information and registration information please visit:
If you have any questions, please contact the organizer, Dr. Thomas J. Holt at

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