“Protecting our Humanity Dinner Reception”  Friday -April 10, 2015 at 6:00PM.

My Dear Friends:

More than a year I have been involved with the American Human Rights Council (AHRC), which serves as an organization dedicated to protecting the rights of people locally, nationally and foreign. Today we live in a world that has increased it’s view of Arab/Muslim people as a targeted group to hate or despise.  We all have the right to live in a society to be treated in a fair and just manner. However with incredible incidents occurring in the Middle East and domestically (killings of three young innocent kids) we must build relationships that are beneficial to a civilized society. A civilized society where tolerance and acceptance will become mainstream and prejudice has no lasting life. There is much at stake if we stand silent and allow disruptive behaviors to penetrate and destroy our human rights, our civil society and our right to liberty whether you live in America or elsewhere. It’s crucial that history never has an opportunity to repeat itself. Human rights are a precious commodity and to never be taken for granted. Candidly the protection of human rights affects all people.

On April 10, a fundraiser dinner will be held at Byblos Banquet Center in Dearborn for the purpose of educating communities about the American Human Rights Council organization. We must become involved to combat ideas and acts of hatred. The fundraiser theme Protecting our Humanity is the umbrella goal of the AHRC. We need people who are generous regarding upholding relationships of tolerance and building a stronger culture for human rights/human dignity to join us at the fundraiser dinner. The AHRC dinner will be a place where we all share a common goal of treating each as a human being. This is such a simple act. We, a group of distinguished people have the aptitude to display an example to the world that we are able to live in a democracy that respects the rights and dignity of another person. Let’s not protect ignorance!

It is in this spirit of our common humanity, the AHRC entire team and myself urge you to join us at our semi Annual Fundraiser Dinner Reception that will be held on Friday- April 10, 2015 at 6;00Pm at Byblos Banquet Center in Dearborn. Your presence and your active participation with us is an attestation to our unity facing Hate our common enemy.

This is an occasion to renew together, our collective efforts to protect and help advance the state of human rights in America and any place that is being denied this god’s granted basic right. I hope you join us on April 10 on behalf of the cause of Human rights towards a more humane world.

Please contact me at or the AHRC office at 313-914-3251 for any additional information.

I look forward to meeting you on April 10, 6pm at Byblos Banquet Center in Dearborn.

Thank you,

Minnie Washington, AHRC Executive Board Member & AHRC Students Internship Supervisor

Minnie Washington: Community service is a dedication I made in order for people to have the necessary tools to live in a much better world. Having strong communities creates a stronger America.

For several years I volunteered in the City of Pontiac as a recording secretary for the Oakland Coalition of Hispanic Service Agencies and collected books for children and adults to increase their literacy.

 My being a big believer in education and assisting demographics of low socioeconomic formed the non-profit Encouraging Hearts. Encouraging Hearts is designed to increase character in our kids; increase academics and; build stronger communities. Making this unique educational sphere possible is the collaboration of law enforcement, universities and educators.

Human rights are at the core of serving minority communities and communities. I currently serve on the American Human Rights Council (AHRC) Executive Board. Additionally, I serve as the (AHRC) Director of Internships.

 I have a degree from Oakland County Community College in social work/mental health. Later earned a degree from Central Michigan University with a degree in Community Development/Community Service and attended its graduate school for Counseling.

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