DETROIT-Local Muslim, Christian and community groups in Detroit and Dearborn have created a new coalition which works on protecting and preserving freedoms and human rights and supports refugee and immigrant families seeking safety from war, deportation and bigotry.

“Neighbors Building Bridges” is launching its activism campaign through a march in Southwest Detroit on Sunday, April 2 at 3:30 p.m. The march begins at St. Gabriel’s Church located at 8118 West Vernor, and moves to the American Muslim Society at 9945 West Vernor, and ends with a reception at the UAW Local 600 on Dix in Dearborn.

The coalition intend to empower the marginalized masses and build a unified movement to promote the American freedom value system and hold leaders accountable for the safety, rights and dignity of every American and refugee and immigrant.

Consistent grassroots resistance has been key to block the transgression against individual liberty as exemplified in the heinous Muslim travel ban. That campaign will also be crucial in protecting the American value principles by keeping immigrant families together in the face of stepped up raids and deportations.

Future actions will include open houses at mosques and churches, workshops, providing social and economic support for low income families and neighborhoods and cooperate effectively to combat hate and discrimination through advocacy and action.

Who: Neighbors Building Bridges – New Muslim, Christian coalition to support refugee and immigrant families
What: March from Church to Mosque to Union Hall in support of refugee and immigrant families
When/Where: Sunday, April 2 – 3:30 p.m. Starts: St. Gabriel’s Church, 8118 West Vernor, Detroit Includes: American Muslim Society 9945 West Vernor, Dearborn Ends: the UAW Local 600 on Dix in Dearborn
Contact: Khalid Turanni (248) 990-3456 & Arabic) / Rev. Marc Gawronski (313) & Spanish)

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