On Thanksgiving weekend, November 25 to 27, 2016 the Islamic Organization of North America, IONA, will be holding its 12th. Annual Convention “Living the Faith: The Struggle Continues, Confronting Challenges, Identifying Solutions’” at Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan.

Last year, IONA addressed the challenges of our community in its 11th Annual Convention. We invited esteemed speakers and experts to address Islamophobia, atheism, drugs, alcoholism, dating, mental health issues and violent extremism among other challenges. The convention was well received and very well attended. The overwhelming response of the attendees confirmed the threats our community face and showed how eager they are and willing to be part of the solution. Based on last year’s feedback, it is clear that drugs followed by mental health, Islamophobia and atheism were the number one concern for the community. In keeping with our interactive approach, our esteemed speakers and experts will focus on these four areas as well as issues of marriage, divorce, the Black Lives Matter movement and radicalization among other relevant topics through intimate workshops and speeches.

The convention is a family oriented event. Every member of the family from toddlers to youth to adults will enjoy the many programs designed for them. We are excited to see the community engage in the biggest and most diverse gathering in Michigan.

The American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) urges participation in this Convention.  AHRC-USA is a proud supporter of the IONA conference and extends its best wishes for another year of success.

“We continue to focus on issues of drugs, atheism, Islamophobia among other pertinent issues that affect our well and spiritual beings as individuals and collectively as a community.” said,  Imam Mustapha Elturk, IONA Ameer. “We have made some progress since last year; however, the journey is long and arduous. This is a collective task. Everyone, including parents, children, youth, teachers, clergy, experts among other professional, are part of the solution. The aim is to constructively work together and offer solutions to the overwhelming challenges our community is facing. “This is a LIVING convention.” He added.

“The right to live life fully with dignity as a human being includes the right to practice one’s faith freely and without fear of persecution or discrimination on account of religion” said, Imad Hamad AHRC Executive Director.   “We applaud IONA for this Convention’s dealing with the challenges that face Muslim Americans who are entitled to enjoy their human rights and civil rights without fear,” continued Hamad.

For more information contact the Islamic Organization of North America, IONA at (586) 646-6377 or via email at: info@ionaconvention.org

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