Through “Muslim American Journeys,” MALA strives to collect compelling accounts of the living history of Americans of Muslim heritage. In accomplishing this, MALA plans to preserve the unique history of the past while exploring new emerging expressions of identity in the present and future. 

 Donate today. Just a few days left: Our crowd-funding project is currently on GlobalGiving. We need your help to raise $5,000 by September 30th through 40 donors. Even a $10 donation makes a significant mark in helping MALA reach its goal

We are accepting donations because every dollar we receive is an important step towards creating a legacy that can be passed onto future generations. With your help and through our grassroots efforts, we can raise the funds necessary to continue this project, celebrate heritage, and move forward in promoting dialogue, diversity, and unity across our nation.   

So far, MALA has published stories of hundreds of Americans from various backgrounds and nationalities. Through our partnership with StoryCorps, we have collected, preserved, and archived these stories into the Library of Congress.  

Every recorded story that is archived creates an impact for generations to come. Personal stories are essential to mitigate deterioration of multifaceted identities, and prolong the useful value of the power of belonging.

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