[December 1, 2020]: In honoring Ms. Parks and her memory, we honor the sacrifices of the past and the present in the hope of a better future. Ms. Parks legacy reminds us all that you don’t have to wait for a hero to change society. Each of us can be the change that we aspire to.

Rosa Parks demonstrated her quiet strength and determination on December 1, 1955 in Montgomery, Alabama when she refused to give up her bus seat. A small act of courage, nonviolent, that helped contribute to the end of segregation. The lesson of Rosa Parks is that it does not take special powerful people to effect change- even one small courageous stand by ordinary people can help change history.

“One does not have to be a giant to stand tall and confront injustice,” said Imad, Hamad, and AHRC Executive Director. “The example of Ms. Parks teaches that one does not have to be a hero or someone with power or great resources to confront injustice,” added Hamad. “Rosa Parks continues to be a true inspiration to the civil and human rights community,” concluded Hamad

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