Ms Maha Ebrahim Senan, a renowned visual artist and photographer born in Yemen, focuses on the promotion of the human rights of women and girls worldwide. Her art speaks out against child marriages and helps raise awareness about the devastating impact of child marriage on girls around the world. AHRC-USA welcomes such an esteemed artist with such a powerful and unique message in support of human rights. AHRC will be pleased to present a Certificate of Appreciation to Ms. Senan at its “Spirit of Humanity” Gala for her human rights work.
My name is Maha Ebrahim Senan and I’m an Artist photographer, I was born in Yemen in 1990 I graduated from high school in 2008. In 2009 I started to draw fashion design for a year, but after that I discovered that I want to become a photographer so I can draw ideas in my mind and capture it, because I found myself there. I started as a photographer in 2010, and I started to learn from fine art photography how to be messenger in artwork. The truth is I didn’t complete my university, but this did not stop me from learning and doing what I love. I always love capturing something that tells the meaning, but in art way and that’s the most important thing to me.
Yemeni life in Yemen 2014.
About Yemeni women in women international day in Yemen 2015.
Feminist exhibition in France-Paris and Belgium-Brussels   2015.
For more information please visit Maha Ebrahim Senan’s website at
“In my work I love to capture the realty in my community, because that gives me Inspiration to put different ideas in my work. As a model artist, and contemporary Artist, I always focus on the beauty of the objects & people, and also I care to give the viewer’s a message to be free from the worst obstacles” Maha

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