Today the American Human Rights Council’s (AHRC) website was hacked with a radical and hateful message posted on its homepage. The hack was discovered at 1:15 p.m. today. AHRC has notified the authorities and they are investigating this attack. Currently, the site cannot be accessed. The webhost, Novocam, promised that the site would be restored today.

 In an interview with the Detroit News, Imad Hamad, AHRC Executive Director stated: “We must be doing something right to be targeted by extremist groups,” he said. “That shows that these people have no tolerance; actually they have hate to the culture of human rights and human dignity.” He added, “We’re alarmed by it, but we’re not intimidated, and we won’t surrender to their tactics, which is to spread fear; and make us think even though we are in America, we’re not safe, and they can get to us. We’re determined to keep moving forward to fight against this kind of hateful thinking.”

 AHRC promises not to allow hateful attacks to stop it from spreading its message of respect for human rights or allow it to derail its mission of promoting a culture of respect of human rights.

 “We are surprised that we were attacked by these hackers. However, this attack does not intimidate us at all. If you work for promotion of human rights, it is natural that you would be hated and attacked by radical terrorists who hate human rights and the advocates of human rights,” said Hamad.

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