Program’s Goal:

o    One of the primary goals of this unique program is to help students focus on the concept of “Our Common Humanity” — an Alliance of Civilizations inspired concept — and recognize its power in advancing our humanity’s common future.

o   The scholarship program is inspired by the work of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, a program and platform of the United Nations to promote understanding of diversity and intercultural dialogue.

o   Our goal is to promote awareness among college students of the importance of diversity, inclusion, and multicultural collaboration to continuously advance human rights for all people around the world.

 Program/ Essay Contest:

o   AHRC’s “Our Common Humanity” Scholarship Program, limited to undergraduate college and university students, is our annual essay contest about the concept of Alliance of Civilizations vs. the Conflict of Civilizations.

o   The essay will highlight the challenges and the roadblocks facing such alliance. It will emphasize the commonalities among peoples and their diverse civilizations, and how such rich multicultural make-up helps advance our common humanity with our shared world and our shared future as humans — beyond race, color, faith, gender, ethnicity or national origin.   o   The essay will highlight the forms of cooperation needed among nations and the interconnectedness of people and cultures globally.

o   The winning essays will be awarded a scholarship paid directly to their designated college or university.

o   The number of scholarships and amounts will be determined annually based on the available funds.

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