• Human Rights Symposium –

o   The purpose of the AHRC Human Rights Day Symposium is to bring together organizations, institutions, activists and advocates locally, nationally & internationally in order to advance the culture of human rights and human dignity.

o   AHRC’s goal in creating an annual Human Rights Day Symposium in Michigan is to encourage constructive dialogue, debate, and collaboration in order to address the most pressing human rights issues nationally and internationally. It will serve as an educational forum to promote knowledge, education and awareness about the pressing human rights issues and challenges.  The symposium will serve as an opportunity for its participants to share and exchange knowledge, information and expertise to advance activism to preserve, promote, protect and advance human rights and human dignity.

o   The Human Rights Day Symposium will serve as an opportunity to celebrate the culture of human rights. It will consist of panel discussions and will end with a larger community reception. Topics will be decided and determined based on its priority annually. AHRC will seek unconditional funds from donors at all levels

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