[Michigan, February 22, 2023]:

The American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) delegation to Lebanon recently returned from humanitarian fact-finding mission. The AHRC delegation visited several non-governmental organizations and institutions that included ANERA-Lebanon, Al-Hamshari Hospital, El-Buss Clinic, the UNIFIL headquarters in Naqoura, Lebanon and the US Embassy in Beirut.

Given the dire humanitarian crisis in Lebanon, AHRC worked with World Medical Relief, ANERA and Life for Relief & Development to send humanitarian relief to the poor and needy residents of Lebanon. This shipment was fully donated and secured by Life for Relief and Development (www.lifeusa.org) that aimed to help public health clinics and hospitals across Lebanon in remote and underserved area. The AHRC delegation followed up on the distribution of this aid and examined the situation on the ground. In addition to the container, the AHRC delegation helped distribute medicine to different areas of need.

Al-Hamshari is prominent healthcare facility that serves poor and needy residents of Lebanon, including Lebanese and Palestinian and Syrian refugees. It is the only affordable healthcare facility in Sadia region. AHRC toured the hospital facility, listening to staff explaining the work and the needs of the hospital. Al-Hamshari hospital team presented Mr. Imad Hamad & the AHRC with a special tribute in appreciation of AHRC’s efforts. Al-Hamshari administrators and health team extended their warm gratitude to Life for Relief & Development, World Medical Relief and ANERA for their ongoing assistance.

The delegation also visited the UNFIL headquarters in Naqoura, South Lebanon. The meeting and discussion were very informative relating to the UNFIL role and tasks in South Lebanon and the serval development services, projects and programs that UNIFIL supports in the area. The UNIFIL is not only a peacekeeping force, but they also provide much needed development aid to the South of Lebanon.

AHRC concluded its meetings with a protocol visit to the US Embassy. The delegation met with the Human Rights division of the US Embassy and the Consular Section.

This mission reinforced the reality the international media carried to the whole world that Lebanon is in a dire humanitarian situation. The steep depreciation of the Lebanese Lira and the economic crisis has devastated most of the residents of Lebanon. This visit gave the delegation an opportunity to see for itself how bad the situation is. AHRC will continue to work with other nonprofit organizations on aiding all the residents of Lebanon.

AHRC delegation witnessed and experienced the Turkish & Syrian earthquakes impact in Lebanon and the state of fear that it created. One clear observation is that a huge number of residential buildings are already cracked and not structurally sound. People are very worried and concerned about their wellbeing if such wave of earthquakes continues. It is clear that Lebanon lacks any plans or preparation for a possible earthquake in Lebanon.

“While it was heartening and gratifying to see and hear about the distribution of the provided aid, it was very hard to see for ourselves and hear from professionals about the magnitude of the humanitarian catastrophe in Lebanon,” said Imad Hamad, AHRC Executive Director. “We urge everyone to send aid to Lebanon, especially money and medical supplies,” added Hamad. “AHRC stands ready to partner in providing this aid,” concluded Hamad.

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AHRC’s Humanitarian Mission to Lebanon

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