The American Human Rights Council (AHRC) wishes all of our fellow Americans a safe and pleasant Fourth of July holiday in celebration of the nation’s independence.


This year we celebrate the 4th of July with our nation facing a myriad of challenges. In addition to the threat of terrorism, domestic and international, we continue to struggle with the ongoing challenges of racism, bigotry, police brutality and poverty. In 2015 the nation has experienced serious crises such as the shooting and killing of unarmed African Americans. To many in this country, unfortunately, the ideals of America are far from being realized and lived fully. Specifically, racism with African Americans being its chief targets remains our nation’s biggest challenge to realizing freedom and equality for all.


This 4th of July let us not forget that we enjoy the blessings of independence and freedom in America while many  parts of the world are mired in war, conflict, hunger, humanitarian crises and suffering. On this 4th of July we celebrate our independence without forgetting that our country has a moral obligation to stand for the freedom and independence of all the people in the world

“The 4th of July is not only a celebration of America’s independence but of the values that America stands for as well, paramount among these values being freedom and equality for all,” said Imad Hamad, AHRC Executive Director.  “We will continue to work toward an America were the blessings of freedom and equality are enjoyed by all American citizens. Let us not forget that what unites us is not only our citizenship but our humanity as well,” continued Mr. Hamad.

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