The American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) extends its sincere congratulations to all the winners of yesterday’s primary elections across the State of Michigan.

AHRC-USA salutes all the candidates who worked tirelessly to convey their message seeking the public trust. Regardless of who won and who lost, AHRC reminds all that the outcome is the result of a precious and free democratic process, a reality to be valued given the state of human rights in the world. The voters have decided who will run in the November 3rd, 2016 general elections. Time is due to turn a new page focusing on the upcoming general elections, especially that this year is also a presidential election year.

AHRC-USA salutes all the hardworking volunteers, especially the youth who have worked tirelessly out of a sense of civic duty and public service. AHRC-USA reminds all that democracy is not a spectator sport and asks fellow citizens to learn more about the candidates and to be informed about their stances on issues that matter to them. All citizens should be ready to make informed choices in the general elections.

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