The American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) reminds fellow American citizens to register to vote, encourages registration and turning out to participate in the electoral process. The 2016 elections are of great importance and making the right choices by electing the right candidates is crucial to our future. The presidential election is one key race that will drive national policy and politics for years to come. AHRC urges all voters to consider the position of candidates on human rights, diversity and social justice in making their choices of candidates.
AHRC reminds all citizens that elections are important and have consequences that impact all matters that impact the life of citizenry. Key basic human rights such as health, education, water are affected by political decisions made by elected officials. The Flint water and Detroit water crisis and the hazardous waste disposal issue are examples of serious issues that need political attention and elected officials will be deciding on.
AHRC urges all to visit the links below for more detailed information regarding the elections and voter registration in the State of Michigan
MICHIGAN ELECTIONS SCHEDULE-  2016 Election Dates and Deadlines

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