AHRC Renews its appeal for TPS for Yemeni Nationals living in the US

AHRC continues its call for the DHS and all related government agencies to expedite their review regarding granting TPS for nationals of Yemen residing in the USA.  We recognize and salute the work of Yemeni- American organizations who have been actively addressing this issue at different levels of government and we join them in pressing for the expediting of the review process. The situation in Yemen is still not safe for any Yemeni national whether they return voluntarily or are removed by the US government. The crisis in Yemen and the escalation of conflict has put Yemen in a very dangerous state. In addition, AHRC has recently learned that  the  Foreign Ministry of Yemen sent a directive to its Embassy in DC and all of its Consulates offices across the USA requesting them NOT to renew or/and extend the validation date of any YEMENI Passport until further notice. They gave no exceptions regardless of the situation.  This adds to the complexity of the situation facing any national of Yemen in the US especially those facing actual removal proceeding or the threat of removal to Yemen. With no passport and no airlines serving Yemen, Yemeni nationals in removal proceedings face the harsh reality of long term imprisonment by immigration authorities.

AHRC sees this situation as a humanitarian matter and we continue to call for the DHS agencies, particularly ICE, to consider these circumstances in dealing with Yemeni nationals.

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