The American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) reiterates its urgent call upon the Egyptian government to immediately release Mr. Mohamed Soltan, a US citizen who has been recently sentenced to life in prison. This sentence, AHRC and other human rights organizations believe, is punishment for his merely exercising his most basic human right of freedom of speech. What adds urgency to Soltan’s situation is his serious medical situation. Soltan’s health situation has sharply deteriorated since his hunger strike. AHRC echoes the US Department of State’s concerns over Mr. Soltan’s situation and urges President Obama to press the Egyptian regarding Mr. Soltan. “Soltan’s situation is dire and as a US citizen and a human being we owe him to spare no effort to save his life. I am afraid that not enough is being done to secure his release” stated Imad Hamad, AHR Executive Director.  read US Department of State statement:

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