The American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) joins the rest of the world’s community in recognizing World Humanitarian Day that falls today, August 19.

The United Nations General Assembly declared August 19 as World Humanitarian Day in memory of 22 staff members who were killed in Iraq as a result of the terror bombing of the UN headquarter in Bagdad in 2003. It is a day of remembrance of those who lost their life trying to help provide humanitarian relief to others. The unfortunate reality is that humanitarian aid workers increasingly are subject to kidnappings and killing.

This day arrives amidst a world severely impacted by Covid-19 as well full of ongoing conflicts in places such as Yemen, Syria, Gaza-Palestine. This has taken a major toll on humanity.

We celebrate this day while Beirut is still cleaning up from a blast that devastated a major part of the city. We are heartened by the aid offered to the Lebanese from around the world.

On this day, AHRC salutes and recognizes all the humanitarian aid workers across the globe. They risk their own lives to help the helpless and try to provide the much needed humanitarian aid often under extremely dangerous circumstances.

AHRC calls upon the world community to spare no effort to help protect the humanitarian workers and calls on all countries of the world to cooperate to ensure their safety and protection. AHRC is committed to continue its advocacy of human rights for all. Living in safety and dignity is a human right.

“On this day we remember all the heroes of humanitarian work who died while helping others,” said Imad Hamad. AHRC Executive Director. “On this day we salute all humanitarian workers, those who have given up their life helping others and those in the field enduring hardships to save humanity,” continued Hamad.
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