The American Human Rights Council (ACHRC-USA) joins the world’s nations in recognizing Feb. 20 the international social justice day. We recognize this day in the midst of a world that sorely needs social justice. Realizing our ideal of true social justice continues to be a challenge. Social justice is a basic human right that is owed every human-being and every group. Observing this day serves as a reminder regarding the growing poverty and despair in many parts of the world where people lack employment opportunities and basic necessities. It is a day to reaffirm people’s basic human rights for equal opportunity, economic prosperity, security, stability and peace. According to UN sources, more than 200 million people are unemployed worldwide, including nearly 80 million youth. Most alarming, these figures are at or near their highest points ever. Social justice for all is what contributes to the word peace that we all deserve.  “Aspiring for social justice is a global responsibility that individuals and human rights groups never tire of working to achieve,” said Imad Hamad, AHRC Executive director.

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