[Michigan, December 3, 2020]:The American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) joins the nation and the rest of the world in celebrating and observing the International Day of Persons with Disabilities that falls today, Dec 3rd. The Day was designated by the UN in 1992.

This annual celebration is an occasion to focus on issues that affect people with disabilities worldwide. The rights of the disabled are human rights. Every disabled person should be provided with the opportunity to participate fully in society. Less participation means loss of valuable human potential that enriches all of society.

People with disabilities are entitled to opportunities that enable them to fulfill their potential. Members of society, each enabled differently, should be empowered to achieve their potential.

It is unfortunate that biases and prejudices continue to be obstacles that the people with disability face. Awareness and education are instrumental in helping the whole society live up to its potential and fully integrating people with disabilities in society as much as possible.

Advanced countries have a better record on the rights of people with disabilities. The challenge remains that in less developed countries, limited resources, often combine with lack of political will, resulting in marginalization of the disabled. Also, ongoing conflicts in the less developed world have worsened the situation for all members of society, especially individuals with disabilities.

“The benchmark for a civilized and enlightened society is how it deals with its vulnerable populations,” said Imad Hamad AHRC Executive Director. “It is the mark of a just society that people with various levels of ability are accepted, accommodated and provided with the opportunity to thrive,” concluded Hamad.


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