[Michigan, November 3, 2023]:

The American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) is alarmed by the incitement against and the adverse action against Palestine advocates in the US. Extremists are weaponizing the current Gaza-Israel war to suppress, censor, silence and/or intimidate peace-loving people and crush their peaceful protests.

In America, there is a dominant mainstream media and political class narrative on the conflict. Israel wants to impose its narrative on the world and from the protests worldwide it shows that Israel is failing. However, Israel and its supporters are not giving up on their campaign to intimidate those who dissent from their dogma. No one is above smears and attacks when they dissent from the Israeli narrative.

The UN Chief Antonio Guterres received all kinds of abuse and defamatory accusations when he made a simple statement of fact. Guterres said the October 7 attack did not “come out of nowhere.” That is, there is context and history to understand what happened on October 7.

AHRC warns that the unprecedented, vicious, and rabid campaign to intimidate every critic of the most extreme far-right government in Israel’s history is unacceptable. People of goodwill should have every right to be against the deplorable Israeli genocidal campaign on Gaza. Israel is not above the US Constitution, American democracy, and the UN Charter.

The First Amendment is sacrosanct. It is the cornerstone of a free society. You cannot have free exchange of ideas or democracy without it. America is always evaluated on its commitment to its values and promises. It is incumbent on us to defend the Constitution and our freedoms. We have the right to disagree on policy. Supporting genocide is wrong and is immoral. No justifications, no excuses.

In a free society it should be fine to express different views on matters of public concern. All Americans are equal, and they are entitled to all constitutional freedoms alike. American freedoms should not be held hostage to the Israeli interests.

“We must be true to our values. Our values are not Netanyahu’s values” said Imad Hamad, AHRC Executive Director. “We do not support genocide and no amount of intimidation and demonization will change our values” continued Hamad.

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