[Michigan, October 29, 2023]:
The American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) calls upon President Biden to heed the world’s call for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza. 120 nations voted in the UN General Assembly for a ceasefire. The US is one of only fourteen countries that voted No. The UN has 193 members.

The entire world recognizes that the US is the only power that can compel Israel to accept the ceasefire. The current US position allows Israel to continue its genocidal campaign in Gaza.

While the General Assembly’s vote is non- binding, it is a clear and loud signal that the overwhelming part of humanity wants the war to stop. The US is in the minority. The will of the world is reflected in the General Assembly, not in the Security Council.

The vote indicates that it is not true that the world is abandoning the Palestinians. It is the US that is allowing the carnage to continue. Most of the world wants the killing to stop. In fact, most of the people protesting the war are neither Muslims nor Arabs. They are of all backgrounds. They are united in the belief that All Lives Matter. Palestinian lives are just as precious as anyone else’s life. That is the promise of human rights enshrined in the UN Charter.

The Biden administration promised Arab and Muslim Americans a foreign policy grounded in human rights and democracy. Arab and Muslim Americans voted overwhelmingly for Joe Biden. It is not only Arab Americans and Muslim Americans that feel betrayed by Joe Biden. It is the whole peace and justice loving Americans that feel betrayed. This is shown by the massive demonstrations in the US in favor of stopping the carnage in Gaza.

We urge the Biden administration to reconsider its co-ownership of the genocide in Gaza.

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