The American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) is pleased to host the Honorable Judge Bernard M. Choueiri of Lebanon, Mr. Nael M. Sbeiti of lebanon and visual artist and photographer Maha Ebrahim Senan of Yemen, as special guests of honor for its annual “Spirit of Humanity” Gala on Thursday, May 12, 2016.
The Honorable Judge Bernard M. Choueiri is the Presiding Judge of the Court of Appeals of Nabatiyeh Governorate, Nabatiyeh, Lebanon. He is a true leader in the Lebanese justice system; and his years of upholding justice and equality for all in the court system is an example of true dedication, leadership and professionalism. AHRC-USA is honored to have Judge Choueiri join us this year in celebrating human rights.

Ms Maha Ebrahim Senan, a renowned visual artist and photographer born in Yemen,focuses on the promotion of the human rights of women and girls worldwide. Her art speaks out against child marriages and helps raise awareness about the devastating impact of child marriage on girls around the world. AHRC-USA welcomes such an esteemed artist with such a powerful and unique message in support of human rights.

Mr. Nael M. Sbeiti is the Director of Public Affairs of Bilah Fahs High School in the District of Nabatiyeh, Lebanon. Mr. Sbeiti is a true inspiration as an educator, author and poet  by working to prepare the next generation of world leaders. AHRC truly welcomes such an esteemed educator at its annual Gala this year.

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