American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) acknowledges and congratulates Ms. Hana Al Hroub, a Palestinian teacher and former Palestinian refugee, for winning the top prize of the Varkey Foundation because of her compassionate approach to teaching refugee children in the region. AHRC extends congratulations to all the finalists of this prestigious award, of whom are: Maarit Rossi of Finland; Aqeela Asifi of Pakistan and Afghanistan; Ayub Mohamud of Kenya; Robin Chaurasiya of India; Richard Johnson of Australia; Kazuya Takahashi of Japan; and Michael Soskil and Joe Fatheree of Pennsylvania and Illinois, the United States.
This is an important time to honor teachers around the world working to prepare the next generation of world citizens. It is also a time to highlight the tremendous sacrifices and perseverance of refugees around the world. Ms. Al Hroub grew up in a refugee camp near Bethlehem. Her children were also refugees and were deeply traumatized by a violent shooting they witnessed in their youth. This event had an incredible affect on the well-being of Ms. Al Hroub’s children and their ability to learn in school. It is this experience that compelled her to become a teacher and develop compassionate ways to teach children who have been impacted by violence.
“Refugee children around the world have a unique life experience that requires special care and concern as they pursue their education, said Imad Hamad, Executive Director of AHRC, “as a Palestinian, and former refugee child myself, I can attest to the challenges, strength and vitality of refugee children,” added Mr. Hamad.
AHRC recognizes the true dedication of teachers around the world, and especially Ms. Al Hroub who understands the special needs of refugee children.  Her compassion for her students exemplifies the work of preserving and advancing human rights and human dignity for all. For more information, please visit BBC News at

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