[Michigan, February 23, 2015]: In light of the drastic increase of the anti- Muslim rhetoric and Islamophobia, AHRC continues to urge members of the Arab & Muslim American communities to exercise caution and be vigilant. Advocates of hates continue to promote hatred against people of the Muslim faith in America. It is unfortunate that certain US Media outlets are contributing to this escalation of Islamophobia against law- abiding citizens. AHRC salutes fellow Americans who offered their solidarity condemning any act of hate against any fellow citizen stressing that our unity as Americans against hate regardless where it may come from.  AHRC salutes President Obama’s strong stand that America’s war is not with Islam but with those radicals and extremists who commit horrific crimes claiming its name. AHRC commends the work of local, national, and federal law- enforcement agencies who have reached out to the community at large noting their readiness to act swiftly against any act of hate. AHRC calls upon all members of the community to immediately notify authorities if threats and not take matters into their own hands. “A good American citizen is someone who is a responsible citizen who is law abiding- regardless of their demographic background. Ignorance is often the basis for hate and is our common enemy” said Imad Hamad, AHRC Executive Director. “We have faith in law enforcement and in the overwhelming majority of American citizens who are basically thoroughly decent and do not advocate or condone hatred and discrimination,” said Hamad.

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