[Michigan- Friday, August 18, 2017]:

The American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) joins peace- loving people across the globe in condemning the vile and senseless attack against pedestrians in Barcelona.

The driver of a white van drove into pedestrians walking on Las Ramblas, a street popular with tourists. Thirteen were killed and more than a hundred injured. This is another attack in the name of a hate ideology that pushes its adherents to engage in vile acts of violence. The terror attack in Charlottesville, Virginia and the terror attack in Barcelona remind us that terrorism and hate have no religion or nationality and that it is a worldwide threat. It is incumbent on all of us to unequivocally condemn all forms of hate and terrorism.

This ideology of terror that is championed by the terrorist group ISIS and other hate groups such as Neo-Nazis, constitute a true challenge facing the world. These ideologies of hate, violence mandate international cooperation. Facing this enemy of humanity and its extremism, radicalizations and acts of hate and terror require nothing but clear and firm stances. In that regards, AHRC salutes all efforts that aim to uproot terror groups such ISIS and others in the Middle East region especially Iraq, Egypt and most recently in Lebanon.

AHRC sends its sincere condolences to the people and government of Spain. We wish the injured a speedy recovery.

“We are shocked by the depravity of the terror attack in Barcelona. The world faces the threat of terror every day driven by ideologies of hate, demonization and exclusion,” stated Imad Hamad, AHRC Executive Director. “It is the responsibility of each of us to counter the culture of hate and violence with the culture of peace and human rights for all,” said Hamad.


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