The American Human Rights Council (AHRC) joins the human rights community in condemning the brutal and vicious burning alive of a Sunni  Iraqi citizen accused of being an ” IS’ supporter. The victim was burned alive by sectarian militia’s members in Iraq. According to media resources and a video (as similar cases, it wasn’t possible to verify the authenticity of the video)  that was heavily circulated on the social media outlets,  it shows that members of the called the Imam Ali Brigade, a “Shiite”  group and a member of  the Hashid Shaabi, or Popular Mobilization Unit,  fighting IS committed this horrific act. This horrific act of terror, reminded the world once again with the barbaric burning of the Jordanian  pilot by IS “Islamic State” few months ago. According to the Human Rights watch and other international human rights organizations, the sectarian militias have been accused of widespread human rights violations and war crimes against Iraq’s Sunni Muslim minority, including summary executions, mass killings, torture, expulsions and looting.

AHRC warns that the sectarian conflict is worsening in Iraq as well as in Syria and the other troubled areas in the Middle East region. Such conflict has created a serious humanitarian crises and caused misery for millions of human beings.  AHRC condemns all acts of terror and torture regardless of the identities of the victim and the perpetrator. Torture and inhumane acts of terror recognize no faith nor religion and are unequivocally condemned.

For more details regarding human rights violations in Iraq, visit Human Rights Watch at:

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