The American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) urges members in the Arab and Muslim community, and the larger immigrant community, to seek facts regarding the immigration executive order, the Muslim Ban.

We are aware of rumors circulating regarding government programs and further executive orders. AHRC urges everyone to seek reliable information from credible sources and not to rely on social media posts of unverified sources. AHRC understands the desire to learn and to share, however, we urge that information disseminated be from reputable sources and not from rumor mills that add to the fear and anguish of vulnerable communities.

AHRC has been receiving a large volume of local, national and international inquiries seeking assistance, guidance, and direction regarding the impact of the Trump administration’s Muslim ban. We have limited resources that often delay our responding to every contact. AHRC asks everyone to be patient and understand that AHRC will respond to every call or message as time allows.

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