[Michigan, February 10, 2015]: The American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) calls upon all peace and justice activists to continue their support of Palestinian- American leader and activist Rasmea Odeh. Ms. Odeh is scheduled to appear at the US Eastern District Court in Detroit for a sentencing hearing on Thursday, March 12, 2015. Peace and justice activists across the country are joining efforts to help generate further support to Ms. Odeh through organizing a national week of action from Feb. 9 to Feb. 15 of this year. The campaign calls for organizing educational events, protests, and fundraisers to support Ms Odeh. For information on how you could help Odeh visit justice4rasmea.org.

Odeh’s case continues to be a matter of deep concern to the human- rights community and to the Arab & Muslim American communities in particular due to its nature. Since the beginning of the proceedings against Ms. Odeh on November 10, 2014, many civil and human rights groups closely monitored the case that they perceived as selective prosecution that is politically motivated by her well-known peaceful and lawful activities in support of justice for Palestine and the Palestinians. Ms. Odeh’s detention was a shock to the Arab and Muslim American community that saw her as a selfless advocate for a just cause that is dear to the overwhelming majority of Arab and Muslim Americans. Civil and human rights groups rallied to support Odeh, a woman who is held in high esteem in the civil and human rights community. Rasmia Odeh is a well-respected leader and activist in the human rights community. She is a selfless dedicated human being who advocated peacefully and lawfully.

AHRC reiterates its strong and unequivocal support for Ms Odeh. Odeh is a stateless Palestinian who poses no security threat to our nation. She is 67 years of age and suffers from multiple health problems that were worsened by her imprisonment.

AHRC urges the judge sentencing Ms Odeh to take into account her health, her service to the community, and the support she is receiving from many Americans of all kinds of background. AHRC will continue to closely monitor this case due to its significant effect on the environment for human rights advocacy and the community at large.

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