The American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) calls upon the Iraqi government to secure and allow a safe passage for thousands of displaced Iraqis who had no choice but to flee the city of Fallujah in Iraq as a result of the ongoing conflict between the Iraqi security forces and militant terrorists of the ISIS over the control of the city. The innocent Iraqi civilians, who managed to escape the threat of death, are mainly children, women and elderly who were caught in the middle of the cross-fire. They are being blocked and not allowed to continue their way towards the city of Baghdad and are being forced to claim the vacant desert and the open land as their place to stay. Thousands of helpless civilians are being left alone without any adequate support of the basic human needs amidst the extremely hot weather.

AHRC –USA warns that the current situation of these internally displaced people within their own county is very alarming and merits the immediate intervention of the international community to aid them. AHRC- USA joins the world’s human rights community in calling upon the United Nations to immediately intervene to compel the Iraqi government to grant these people access to Baghdad and other Iraqi cities where they can settle temporarily from the war and conflict that is fueled by religious feud and sectarian divide as well.

AHRC-USA hopes that peace is claimed back in Iraq where the Iraqi people can gain back its unity, sovereignty, its peace and prosperity.

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