The American Human Rights (AHRC-USA) and the American Muslim Leadership Council (AMLC) express their serious concern regarding a recent incident where gun shots were fired directly at a house of a Muslim American family on Greenview Street in the city of Detroit on Saturday, March 30, 2019 around 12:30 after midnight. About 25 gun-shots were fired directly at the house casing several damages at multiple locations of the house. This has created fear and anxiety for the family, especially the children, as well as the neighbors and those at the nearby muslim Tawheed Center of Detroit (TCD).

The residents of the house is a Muslim American family who have been living in the neighborhood for over 7 years with no issues with anyone in the neighborhood. The husband and father is a well-respected community leader who serves as a board member of the nearby the Tawheed Center of Detroit (TCD).

AHRC and the AMLC commend the Detroit Police Department (DPD) for their immediate response and action. Detroit police assured the residents and the Center that the incident is taken seriously. AHRC & AMLC commends DPD for their assurances that they will provide additional safety measures around the area. The investigation is ongoing. The incident was also reported to the FBI and other law enforcement agencies.

AHRC & AMLC urge the Detroit Police Department, the FBI and all other law enforcement agencies to spare no effort to bring those who committed this crime to justice. Regardless of how this crime is classified, the result is terrorizing the family and the community and spreading fear. The AHRC & AMLC will continue monitoring the situation and maintain active communications with law enforcement agencies hoping for early findings.

Once again, AHRC & AMLC calls upon the community at large to continue to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity to law enforcement immediately. The New Zealand massacre and other acts of hate that have been spreading require us to be vigilant and proactive.

“We are alarmed by this attack on a family’s home in the middle of the night,” said Imad Hamad, AHRC Executive Director. “We are not rushing to judgement but it is undisputed that this has terrorized the family and created fear within the community,” continued Hamad. “The sense of security is shattered with such attacks,” concluded Hamad.

“We salute the Detroit Police and other law enforcements agencies for taking action and hopefully bringing those who committed this act to justice soon,” said Mr. Abdallah Sheik, President of the AMLC. “We are not going to surrender to fear tactics regardless of the purpose of such acts,” continued Mr. Sheik. “We have confidence in our law enforcement agencies,” concluded Sheik.

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