Defining the idea and the face of human rights is attending the American Human Rights Council’s “Spirit of Humanity” Gala on May 18, 2017 at 6PM at the Greenfield Manor Banquet Hall in Dearborn, Michigan.
The promotion and advancement of human rights is important in order to protect our human dignity. From childhood to adulthood we must do our part to uphold and strengthen voices of those not being heard.

Decision makers who need to hear the whispering voices increasingly must uphold the thought, purpose and idea of human dignity so our communities and democracy can afford to occupy an enriching existence.
Our voices may achieve a common cause through having an insight of ways to respect mankind. Ways in which you want to be treated and respected. This is not a mystery, but an action plan to be used by those who care for others. This is the best of humanity.

The “Spirit of Humanity” Gala evening will be filled with leadership in the world of human rights causes. You will witness selfless acts of kindness and human grace. These are attributes of caring people that many times goes unnoticed. They help to mold the strength of ones faith in human decency.
We need your contributions to continuously support those whose voices are not heard. Attending the “Spirit of Humanity” Gala is a way to participate in this cause. Another is through donations to the American Human Rights Council.

Please contact Imad Hamad at to join and support the AHRC “Spirit of Humanity” Gala. For more information, please visit our website at

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