Healthcare in the United States continues to be a growing challenge for millions of people who are unable to afford the adequate and proper health care they deserve and they need. Despite the basic steps taken to reform and help address this challenge, healthcare continues to be a serious issue of concern to so many people in Michigan and across the USA. It is a global challenge indeed. However, our nation is the leading nation in the world and providing healthcare to our citizens should not be a privilege nor just to those who can afford it.  The people should hold elected officials accountable towards this basic human right.

Among several efforts to help people find alternates, ACCESS (Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services) began its open enrollment program to help people find a healthcare provider. The deadline for this enrollment is Feb. 15, 2015. In a statement released by ACCESS, it says “ACCESS is partnering with Enroll America and has certified 50 navigators, some of whom are bilingual, to assist residents enroll or modify their healthcare plan” said Hassan Jaber, Executive Director of ACCESS. To make an appointment, call 1-888-670-6798.

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